Monday, February 21, 2011

Tweets and Feed Reader

Hi, recently i developed a tweet & feed reader using only html, javascript and CSS. It's a mash-up, gets the json objects, from service providers like Twitter and Yahoo! and displays them. I used jquery v1.5 and its plug-ins for this purpose.

Presently it gets items from 3 authors: Scott Guthre, Deccan News and Yahoo! News India. You can easily add your preffered author to get his feeds with few modifications in code. Below are the screenshots from each of these authors.

Scott Guthre Tweets

Deccan News Tweets

Yahoo News! India International feeds

  • For Yahoo! News, additional detailed news are shown in popup.
  • For Scott Guthre and Deccan News, you can page through the tweets.
Code Features:
  1. Converts text URL in each tweet into a clickable link.
  2. You may get any RSS feed converted to JSON, optionally returning selected objects using YQL.
  3. News details in popup using Fancybox (jquery plug-in)
  4. Each tweet/feed displayed using jquery templates (jquery plug-in)
  5. Paging tweets.

  • YQL ->
  • Fancybox ->
  • jquery-tmpl ->

Download code:
Tweet/Feed Reader files.