Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Asp.Net Interview Questions

    For Freshers or Experienced, check these interview questions. Seasoned - 2011 ( Experience Level: 0 to 3+ ).
  • Questions mainly related to OOPS, DotNet, ASp.Net, SQL-Server, javascript (and bits of CSS, WCF).
  • also covered slip-test, system tests, some frequently asked basic questions.
  • Note: only important questions are covered and not all the basic questions included (assuming you already aware of basics).
  • No detailed description is provided as answers to questions, you need to refer other sources (books,internet) for complete details.
  • These are the questions which i have experienced and encountered.

Download or View the document from: doc.google.


  1. Hi
    Can I download this? I mean is there any options as such?

    1. Girish!

      Try with google docs page, click File menu for 'download as' option.
      or alternative try this hotlink: